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Check out our CTA feature Demo

posted by: Scott Williford
on 27 September 2016

In this short screen capture video, Scott Williford demonstrates how vLink's call-to-action feature works.  A call-to-action or CTA gives a viewer an image link or form that lets the viewer interact with the video content.  When done correctly, a CTA can drive your potential client to take the next step in showing interest in your services, help promote your video content and more.


vLink's video marketing platform allows you to place HTML inside the video player at any point during the video.  We've created some tools and templates to get you started.  You can even pause the video, forcing the viewer to give you feedback or fill out a form before continuing the video. 

Keep in mind that all of the rule for static content CTAs still apply:

  • Any image or copy should compel the viewer to click
  • Use action verbs like "Schedule", "Tweet" or "Sign-up Now"
  • It needs to be easy to see and find (especially in the video)
  • Don't mislead your viewer - tell them exactly what they'll get if they click

Because vLink's CTA feature is straight HTML, you can leverage Javascript and intergrate with other third party APIs.  Some coding will be required.  Be sure to give us a call or schedule a demo to learn more.


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