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Executive Communications Tips for Video

posted by: Scott Williford
on 07 October 2015

In this Video Marketing Conversation, Scott Williford interviews Bill Lampton PhD, Speech Coach for Leaders and Communication Consultant. Scott and Bill were originally connected on LinkedIn through a mutual friend.  Recently, Bill authored a LinkedIn Pulse article on 10 Speaking Tips for Your Video Production. We felt his tips were relevant, so we asked Bill to come in and share some of his insights on camera.

Be sure to watch part 2, as Scott and Bill dive into a few of Bill's video tips, then read the rest below.


Here are Bill’s 10 tips and a brief comment from us on each.

ONE: In preparing your comments, don’t compose a script you will follow word for word.

If you have worked with vLink, you know we like for you to do a script. It allows us to understand the length of the video and make sure you communicate all of your major points. Now that’s not to say you have to read it word for word.

TWO: Rather than writing a manuscript, jot down your key words and phrases in logical sequence.

No one needs to write a manuscript. We recommend 250-300 words for a 2 minute video.

THREE: Write the main topic points on a small sheet of paper, such as a steno pad, and then tape the page onto the tripod, directly underneath the camera.

This is a helpful if you’re doing your own videos. We utilize an iPad with a teleprompter application. It works great and keeps it simple.

FOUR: Remember that you don’t have to get your video right on the first take.

That’s right. If we’re shooting a 1 to 2 minute videos (ideal length) then it will be easier in post-production and less stress for you to just record it a few times until you’re happy with it.

FIVE: In the first few seconds of your video, even before you speak your first word, smile very visibly.

AMEN! That first small makes everything go better for both the viewer and the talent. Smiling is a great way to build your confidence just before you start the take.

SIX: For video, use a rapid speaking rate.

We’ve found that the perfect speed for video is somewhere between 125 to 150 words per minute. Normal public speaking is 100-110.

SEVEN: What about gesturing? Gesture exactly as you would during any other speech—not canned or even planned, simply letting your motions flow from what you are feeling.

Great point. When you are on camera you need to look natural, as if you’re speaking to the viewer in person.

EIGHT: Your vocal tone should resemble conversation, not a broadcast or lecture.

We couldn’t agree more. The viewer is basically meeting you virtually. You want them to feel like you are in the room with them.

NINE: Pay attention to the visual background.

The background should not distract from the person on the screen. It’s best to avoid windows in the background for reflection and lighting considerations.

TEN: Ask a savvy business colleague, friend, or even family member to watch your presentation.

This is good point. Most of us don’t like seeing ourselves or hearing ourselves on video. Get some feedback and reproduce as needed. Remember that often times the little mistakes is makes it authentic.

Thank you Bill for giving us some valuable insights. You can see his original post on LinkedIn 10 Speaking Tips for Your Video Production.


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