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Video Case Study - Virtual Instructor Lead Training

posted by: Scott Williford
on 15 September 2015

In this Video Marketing Conversation, Scott Williford sits down with Paula Garlen to discuss the challenges around virtual instructor lead training. ELI (http://www.eliinc.com/) is a leader in Civil Workplace training. They contracted with vLink Solutions to consult on the project. Be sure to watch part 2 of the discussion to learn more about the solution and results of their work.

Online virtual training and learning management systems have been around for a long time in various flavors. And, from a business perspective, instructor-led, classroom training delivery, alone, is increasingly becoming a less viable solution for most organizations. The challenge was in finding a platform that could truly revolutionize Instructor-led classroom training “virtually” to better meet the business and training needs of fast-paced, global organizations. The problem to be solved was, “How do we simulate the classroom, engage and connect participants, and keep their focus for an entire live, virtual training session to ensure the experience is as rich and memorable as being in the same room with the rest of the group?” Connections during in-person, live training sessions include open discussion, role playing, the use of video, easel charts, white boards, slide decks, and more. Simulating this same level of interactivity and connection between participants and the facilitator in a virtual environment was the goal.

In part 2, Scott and Paula dive into the details of how they effectively solved many of the challenges faced.

Creativity of the Solution
The solution involved combining live webcasting production technology, a robust video conferencing platform, and audience polling service to cost-effectively create a new methodology to provide the virtual instructor-led training experience we wanted.

From a technology standpoint, vLink started by looking at how to replicate the classroom experience for participants. By leveraging multi-camera switching via a Black Magic Design ATEM TVS switch (https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/atemtelevisionstudio), participants see live television production quality. Additionally, presentation materials, such as videos and PowerPoint, are displayed along with the multiple classroom camera views via the live stream from the ATEM switch.

Zoom (http://zoom.us/) was selected for the video conferencing provide due to their ease of use, cost effectiveness scalability and ability to stream HD video. A MAC mini, running Zoom Room (http://zoom.us/zoomrooms), connects the instructors to the participants. Instructors can interact with participants via the video conference capability in a real-time. Participants can also chat and interact with each other via live video.

Lastly, Poll Everywhere (https://www.polleverywhere.com/), a cloud-based polling software, provides a methodology to further engage participants though more flexible and interesting question techniques. This platform is typically used in large conference for audience feedback but has proven very effective for capturing the participant’s second screen during the live training events.

Below is a high-level diagram of the platform configuration.

ELI vilt

The end results have dramatically impacted how ELI delivers virtual instructor-led training. Participants are more connected, engaged, and excited to be part of the virtual classroom experience. ELI client stakeholders are extremely pleased with how this solution addresses their business problem, its the cost-effectiveness, and the quality of this new robust virtual training solution. Instructors do not require any special training and simply teach the class as they would in person, while a 1 or 2 person team oversees the production.

As an unexpected by product, ELI has leveraged the same platform for live, interactive, marketing thought leadership events and panel discussions. Regularly scheduled marketing events have proven far more effective than previous webinars deployed via a traditional webcast platform. The ability to have multiple guests in panel discussions have provided a new marketing tool for ELI’s sales team.

Please Contact Scott Williford at vLink Solutions if you'd like to learn more about this project.


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