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Video Marketing Case Study - Global Partnership For Telehealth

posted by: Scott Williford
on 18 February 2015

Over the past 5 years, vLink Solutions has been helping companies enhance their marketing with the use of video. We figured it was time to start sharing some of those stories. In this Video Marketing Case Study, Scott Williford sits down with Shea Ross of the Global Partnership forTelehealth to discuss how they saw a 400% increase in click-through rates on their email newsletter with effective video marketing.

The Global Partnership for Telehealth recently starting leveraging video as part of their regular marketing efforts. With a constituent database of over 3500, they regularly send out a typical marketing email newsletter. Historically, the average newsletter receives 1.4 - 1.6% click-through rates to the various stories highlighted.

In December, a video was released to their website and included in that month’s newsletter. Immediately the click-through rates jumped to 2.4% and resulted in over a 100 views in just a few days. The next month, a second video was released and the click-through rates jumped again to 6% showing a 400% increase from their prevously average newsletter. Within two days, viewers watch nearly 6.5 hours of this second 2.5 minute video.

While both videos improved the performance of the typical newsletter, why did the second video show such a dramatic increase? In part 2 of this Video Marketing Case Study, Shea and Scott discuss the types of videos GPT produced and their thoughts on why stories drive more views.

The first video is an informational video called We’re Different and is found on the front page of their website (http://www.gatelehealth.org/). The goal is to tell the viewer “Who GPT is” and “Why GPT is different.” With a running length of 2 minutes 18 seconds, the production includes motion graphics, B Footage and images. The video clearly communicates GPT’s message and consistently receives additional views (driven by its placement on the home page of the website). Engagement is typical for this type of video.

The second video is a testimonial documentary style video, titled School-based Telehealth Client Story (Click here to watch the video). This video is embedded on a separate blog / news type article on GPT's website. It tells a compelling true story from the perspective a school nurse and how telemedicine changed the life of a young boy. Its running length is 2 minutes 36 seconds. The production is a much simple approach that basically shows the former school nurse telling her story in a typical school classroom (the video was actually recorded in vLink’s studio). This video clearly shows a higher than average engagement driving home the points Scott and Shea make that stories attract and keep more views.

Below are the engagement graphs pulled from vLink’s Video Marketing Platform for both videos. We've removed the Y axis view counts so you would focus more the shape of the graphs.  The graph represents how viewers engaged with the video as they watch it.  In both cases, viewers fell off pretty quickly in the first 30 seconds, but it is obvious that more viewers of the School-based Telehealth Client Story watched to the end of the video.  Basically the flatter the line the better.  That being said the We're Different video is very typical for other "About Us" videos that vLink has produced.

GPT Engagement

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